This car park is located at the confluence between Santa Brigida Street and Farmacia Street, at the heart of Justicia neighborhood. It is possible to access the parking either from Hortaleza Street or from Fuencarral Street.

Its privileged location between these two streets, Hortaleza and Fuencarral, makes possible a fast access to the commercial, cultural and entertainment area of one of the most visited neighborhoods in Madrid.

This parking garage, located at LASEDE COAM building, is arranged for Events, Conferences, Seminars and Classes organized at it.

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Escuelas San Antón’s Car Park is a very good option to reach the center of Madrid; MC can be accessed under these conditions:

1.- All vehicles must be in possession of the appropriate environmental label.

2.- Motorcycles with an environmental label can access MC any time of the day.

3.- Industrial vehicles in possession of an environmental label, can enter MC after hours market.

4.- Those who do not have a distinctive environmental label, but have a permit from Madrid Central by entering at this special area, or under invitation from MC neighbors.


In accordance with the law promulgated on April 24, 2019 by theling General Board of Traffic (DGT), it has become compulsory an environmental label on vehicles, to circulate through the city of Madrid. This measure included in the Municipal Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, entered into force six months after its approval.

All cars showing an environmental label associated with it - all except petrol cars registered before 2000 and diesel before 2006 and motorcycles before 2000 - must be visible as per municipal regulations, whether or not they are neighbors of Madrid.

Drivers who do not have their badge visible will be committing a slight violation of the ordinance, which will carry up a fine of up to 100 €.

- Zero Emissions, blue label: electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

- ECO, green and blue label: non-pluggable hybrids.

- C, green sticker: cars and gas vans registered from 2006 and diesel starting in 2014.

- B, yellow: petrol cars since 2000 and diesel from 2006 to 2014.


OPEN 24H. / 365 DAYS
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